Fuel relay??


Does anybody know where the fuel relay is on a 84 t-type....My car is not sending the voltage back to the fuel pump??
Any info would be much appreciated!
By the way the stuff is still for sale
On the '86-'87's I think it's on the passenger side fenderwell.

Maybe the same for the '84-'85??:confused:
Always check the fuse first, if you're checking for power for the fuel pump check the rear molex, the pump will only show power for a split second when the ignition is turned on, so you will need two guys.
Passenger Fender

under the metal sheild, 1st one from the front, right after the boost gauge sensor... HTH, Robert
Thanks guys, located the relay, got the voltage now the pump runs!!
My car is almost ready to start!
think FAST!

Sorry guys,
My friend koa is a little slow (HAHA). The car has already been started and runs with the help of holding the throttle down halfway! It wont idle on its own. Were thinking that we have something not set properly causing the timing to be off, or so it seems. We'll get it going soon enough. It sounds really mean with no exhaust though.