Fuse Keeps Blowing Every Time After Replacing.


Dec 31, 2005
I just posted last night about a problem I was having after power washing all the gunk off my engine.

During the process the 15 amp fuse that controls the fuel pump blew, this morning I replaced the fuse and the car started right up.

I thought I was in the clear, but this afternoon when I left the house to go to the store, my car all of a sudden shut off. I tried to start it again and noticed that the fuel pump was not working.

I checked the fuse that I had just put in, and it was blown. I then proceeded to replace the blown fuse two more times, but both fuses also blew shortly after I started the car and put it into gear.

What could be my problem?
??? The fuel filter fuse ??? Are you refering to the injector fuse in the fuse block under the dash? Need more/correct info. Not trying to bust your chops here just trying to help. Good luck Jon Hanson
Don't worry I'm not sensitive like that. But what I am saying is that the 15 amp fuse under the dash keeps blowing everytime I turn on my car. This particular fuse makes the FUEL PUMP work, not the fuel filter, sorry about that.

I don't know what the problem could be at this point. Any suggestions?
Sounds like you have a bare wire that was ok until it got moved around by the pressure washer and now is grounding out due to vibration. This could be a real pain. I would get the car in a well lighted place (driveway when the HOT HOT sun is out) and start looking for wiring that is exposed. You may also try putting some tie-straps (the black ones NEVER use white or clear) on the harness under the hood to keep the wiring away from potenchial shorting. Good luck Jon Hanson

You may also have some water in a connection somewhere....
When mine did that it was a wire right behind the alternator touching exhaust manifold.
First thing to do would be to check the oil pressure sender plug to see if it disintegrated with pressure and is shorting out on the front of the motor.

Second would be to double check the fuel pump prime wire and connector near the alternator.

Both previously mentioned.

If the fuse still pops quickly then do the following:

Third thing to do would be to separate the fuel injector harness under the coil pack, that removes the injectors wiring from the main power feed.

They also are on that circuit and if the fuse clears after doing that you have a short to metal from one of the fuel injector harness wires past the main plug you separated.