G-body, LC2 for sale


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Hey guys i have gotten transfer orders for San Diego so i have to unload my unfinished/never really started project.

Up for sale is my 1984 Monte SS, Pearl white paint (has blue tint at night) blue interior.

Has been sitting a while heres a link to google drive with pics of the car and problem areas.


Passenger door will prob need to be replaced.

$1000 in Suffolk VA

I also have a motor from an 87 GN that had 30k on it when a tree fell on the trunk of the car, I bought it for 2 grand, my loss your gain $1600. Follow the above link for pics of engine also, can provide more just havent had a chance to get over to my garage.

I also have a Turbonetics turbo that needs rebuilding, theres play in the shaft and it sounding like a dying wolf last time it was on my regal. Pics of this also on the link to google drive. Best $ offer on this.

Take what you want or $2500 for everything.

Everything located in Suffolk VA.