G-body parts

Hang you up side down & you all look like sisters!:eek: :biggrin:

No he didn't, yes he did LOL

Wishful thinkin', since you ain't seen us all ! :biggrin:
Yes She did :tongue:
You need to quit ordering the Vanilla ice cream and venture into Cherry or something !
OMG you must have a banana split down there.:eek:
I heard stories of men coming home from bars & reaching down to get a bananna suprise!
I'll stick with the ice cream & cherries :biggrin:

When are U going to ship my calendar? I would like to see one. I do not need anything right now, but a nice new calendar for the shop.

Hey B, I'm rattin' ya out to Cassy....unless of course you throw some nice new parts my way to keep me quiet....or Suzy Q:D