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May 24, 2004
Brian shot me out a set of rear inside filler panels that go over the armrests and fedex LOST them grrrrrr, He sent me right out another set and I got them no problem with UPS. Things like this happen and THIS is why you deal with a good guy that happens to be a vendor as well. Thanks bub, maybe I can finally get Emilys car together soon. Got new 2.5 exhaust ran on it yesterday after I put on the cermic coat headers I got so I am making headway with it :biggrin: :biggrin: Daniel Ray
I had the same problem with UPS orderd a RJC upper plenum and PP they lost it after like a month i called RJC they told me i should have gotten it by now UPS showed deliverd what they did was leave it on the porch with no signature but the driver said he never deliverd anything about another month went by with tracking numbers and calls and i finally got it so it's hit or miss with delivery companys i do agree on your coment about good guys and supporting venders glad it worked out for you too
I sent brian a header panel and Fed Ex broke it in half!!!!!!
They are avoiding the claim like the plague!
Been months