GA: Passenger Side MW/ML Door


Its a good workable door but not perfect, manual windows/locks and I believe original paint. There are a few dings in it and some areas where paint was scraped up that have powdery surface rust, would clean up nice with sanding/media blasting. The bodyside molding that was removed was the stickon type, no rivit holes in the door skin. The best thing about the door is that the bottom seam hasn't rusted where the layers meet, although there are a couple spots of light surface rust on the underside from rising water vapor as seen in the pics. Has NO glass right now, hinges that were tight when pulled from the car and a manual sport mirror as seen in the pics. (Note that because the window was removed I cannot guarantee that all the guides/felt covered cushions are there, but the regulator equiptment is and works smoothly...)

Price: $125

Shipping: For now I'd rather local pick-up in Metro Atlanta if anyone somewhat nearby is interested.

Side note: I'm also going to post it a couple other places and it'll go to the first person who commits to it based on the time their message is sent/posted...