Garage Sale

Mike E

Mr. Badwrench
Oct 9, 2006
Need to sell off some spare parts to pay for new ones.

S-10 manual steering box $90 shipped
New Coolant Overflow reservoir with cap $40 shipped
Used Coolant Overflow reservoir with cap $30 shipped
Vacuum Booster and Master cylinder SOLD
TRZ Manual rack and pinion kit (barely used) with extra mounts, steering joints and rod ends SOLD

I can also deliver these at the GS Nationals next month.





If you catch me on the right days it could all go cheap. Lately it's become like a second job and the thought of selling it all crosses my mind often. But it passes when I realize how much money I can make with it vs. what its worth. I'm taking a break on the second job/ side work and concentrating on my car for a while.
Mike. I need a set of Headers for a BBC TT................Just kidding..

Good luck with the sale.