Garret sponsored single turbo Mustang

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Let's go racing, boyz!
Jul 29, 2001
I was at the PSCA event at Firebird in Arizona this weekend and talked with the fellas that tune the Garret sponsored late model, single turbo Mustang. Beautiful machine. They mentioned that their best times were done at Barona dragstrip and plan to return there for more testing. They were also impressed by the treatment they got there. It's nice to hear that about a track I frequent.

The team is relatively new and it's amazing the progress they've made up to now. Judging by the teams reaction on one paricular qualifying run, they had accomplished a milestone Saturday. Their car should be a strong runner when they get things squared away. The car sounds like a jet turbine as they're staging the car. Amazing.
Wow! I want to see the headers. Bruno with a Lenco. Good setup.
Heat shield that battery!
I love the look of the exhaust out the back.
They're obviously trying to put as much weight over those tires as possible.
That Exhaust Looks Cool Till The Flames Coming Out Of Those Turbo's Burns Through The Chutes:d
You guys think the typical 2-step, "anti-lag"/pop-bang tune will work with the turbo's that far away from the motor? I have a feeling he won't have to worry about fire;) With that many ci's he'll be launching with zero boost most likely. I'd be more worried about the battery melting.
Don't know Scott. Should be interesting to see what launch strategy they use.