Gator Nationals


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Sep 5, 2002
Any one going to the Gator Nationals in Gainsville Florida???

March 18-21, 2004 Tickets are cheap $138. for four days, thursday and friday general admission Sat and Sun Pit side Reserved seats.

:D :D :D
Yeah man I'm going to the Gatornationals. I'm only going on Sunday though with my dad and brother. I can't wait to see there new track they laid down over the winter. Supposed to be awesome. I had my car at that track almost every wednesday last year kinda cool to see the big guys running on your home track. I hope its a good event esspecially with all the new drivers and switches going on this year looks to be a good season.
Flying in Thursday, home on Monday. Stopping at Don Garlits' museum for the first time since 1988.
I got rained out at Indy in September, so good weather would be a bonus.

Anyone know where the nudie bars are in Gainesvelle?;)
if you fly into gainsville the track only 10 minutes away.

there should be more going to this event.
I'll be there Im flying in on Thursday and leavin on Monday I'll be at the track Fri, Sat & Sun.