Gauging Interest on sale of complete NOS LM9 throttle body & components

Anthony P

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Jan 24, 2007
Decided to gather my remaining hot air engine parts and before listing for sale need to gauge interest with this throttle body and components.

Unit was removed when a NOS crate engine was disassembled and sold as a long block. Is there interest in this part as a complete TB unit or is there interest in just components? If interest in the components (all), I'll take it apart accordingly.

From pics, date coded 350th day of 1983, so consider that if looking for restoration correct.

A bare throttle body core is $95 for those having it machined larger. Value of the components gave me a surprise.

TPS (aftermarket) STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS TH174 { for GM #25036658 } is $176.79 at RockAuto while the NTK brand part #TH0050 {#75410} is $300.79:eek:o_O

IAC (Delco) is about $50

Vacuum block and screws are about $50 (according to ebay sales)

Not sure on value of IAC boss.

Let me know who might be interested in what. I'm not sure how to price this fairly for both me and the buyer knowing the component costs above.
throttle body_a.JPG
throttle body_b.JPG
throttle body_c.JPG
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Dec 6, 2018
Yep.... I'll take it , for the shipping costs only ?
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