Fully restored 87 Turbo T, Dark Blue W02


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Up for sale is quite possibly the most detailed and meticulously restored to factory original specs, turbo regal. 1987 Buick Turbo T. Full frame off restoration. Every nut, bolt and part of this car has been removed, replaced, rebuilt, glass beaded, primed, painted etc. All parts used are brand new, NOS GM, AC Delco (when available.) Right down to the new original AC Delco air filter. Everything on this vehicle works 100% as it did from the factory. Everything. Down to the power antenna and every interior light. Please bare with the long list of work, parts, and restoration processes listed below. Enjoy.


Once the body was lifted off the frame, all undercoating, factory paint, grease and grime was removed down to bare metal, degreased, primed, sealed and painted with a single stage semi-gloss black paint. Exterior of the car was stripped down to metal, all minor body work was done. This car had 0 rust starting out. There is no metal work or welding done on this car anywhere on the body. All doors, trunk, hood, fenders were removed. Door jams all taken down to metal. The car was they sprayed with prime, 4 coats of base GM Code 31, Dark blue (Metallic), and 4 coats of clear. Inner fender wells, and radiator support were sand blasted, primed and painted with a two step black and semi gloss clear coat. The car was then assembled, all lines matched up, wet sanded and polished to a mirror finish. All window tracks were degreased and re-greased. New window motors installed. New correct from Kirbans, door jam stickers. New Correct reproduction window sticker with all correct factory options etc. All New correct emblems installed in the correct locations. All trim was sanded, primed and painted with SEM trim black and SEM semi gloss Clear. Trunk lip and back of hood trim is New. All wheel well moldings are New Powder-coated from Highwaystars. Wheel wells were cleaned and re-sprayed with 3M undercoating. Trunk was treated with the same 3M undercoating.

The following parts are all Brand NEW: AC Delco power antenna, all window motors, hood insulation, trunk carpet and jute padding, window sweeps, all window and top track seals, trunk seal, hood cowl seal.


The frame was completely disassembled, all bushings removed from control arms (Front and rear). Frame was then sandblasted down to bare metal along with all control arms, sway bars, etc. We then sanded the frame to obtain a smoother finish than left by the sand blasting. Next the frame and all lose components were primed, sealed and shot with 3-4 coats of single stage gloss black. New factory style bushings were installed in all components and reinstalled onto the frame.

The following parts are all Brand NEW - Bushings, brake lines, transmission lines, fuel lines, sway bar end links, all steering components, tie rods, center link, front and rear bake assemblies, drums, calipers, Wheel bearings, front and rear shocks, front and rear springs, all ball joints, Brass proportioning valve, fuel tank, fuel sending unit, fuel filter, steering box, steering shaft, motor mounts.

Engine & Engine bay:

Block - Cylinders honed, block decked, align hone, boiled, cleaned and brass freeze plugs installed.

Heads - 3 Angle valve cut, new valves, new springs, new valve guides and seals, heads resurfaced.

New - Bearings all around, timing chain, timing chain guide, oil pickup, ARP studs installed on the mains and heads, new rings gapped and installed, all new felpro gaskets.

Intake, upper dog house, throttle body, valve covers were all removed, glass beaded, primed and painted VHT - Universal aluminum. All loose components were treated the same with appropriate paint color.

New - AC Delco Water pump, AC Delco AC compressor, AC Delco alternator, AC Delco power steering pump, AC Deco Fuel Injectors , Tensioner pulley assembly.

Radiator was boiled, cleaned, re-cored, and pressure tested. AC condenser is cleaned, flushed and painted black. All AC lines, and evaporator was cleaned and flushed. New Dryer installed. AC charged with R-134 and blows nice and cold. New overflow tank and washer fluid reservoir. New Wiper motor and washer motor. Power master is off a 10K mile show car that was wrecked. Brakes stop on a dime with no effort and no brake warning light. New AC deco battery. New positive and negative battery cables. Restored engine harness. All looks removed, wires cleaned, new plugs installed where broken, re-taped, re-loomed and reinstalled. New fuseable links installed in harness. New AC delco blower motor, New AC Delco heater valve, ALL new Relays, all new intercooler and up pipe couplings and OEM clamps, NEW OEM intake hose, All new heater hosed, all new OEM radiator hoses. All new correct engine bay stickers (Ac compressor, vacuum line diagram, belt route, fan caution.) New OEM Spark plug wires, new AC-43ts spark plugs. All new vacuum lines. Turbocharger re-built.


Transmission is a stock rebuild from the very reputable, one and only Chris at CK performance. Transmission shifts beautifully through all the gears at any level of throttle.

Rear End:

Rear was disassembled, and rebuilt to factory specs. All new bearings, seals and clutches were installed. Proper backlash set and torques.


All wheels were glass beaded, high surfaces polished to the original look, de greased and clear coated with semi gloss SEM clear 3-4 coats inside and out. New center caps, new lugs with the correct “METRIC” Stamp, new Cooper Radial GT tires.


All new AC Delco Universal joints installed. Driveshaft stripped, primes and painted semi gloss black.


All new GE headlights. Headlight buckets were blasted, primed and painted semi gloss SEM trim black. New headlight springs and adjustment screws. Headlight trim polished and installed with new screws. Headlight bezels cleaned, painted with SEM trim black. All new marker lights installed. All new blinkers installed. All bulbs brand new.

Rear lights were disassembled, taillight trim painted SEM trim black and SEM semi gloss clear. All new bulbs installed.

New dome light and dome light cover. New hood light bulb.

All interior lights, dash lights, door lights, all work perfectly.


The interior of this car was very clean to start. I installed a new headliner, new carpet, new visors, and new floor mats. The seats were shampoo and conditioned. Seat mounts cleaned and painted semi gloss black. I opted to leave the seats even though there is slight fading and a few very small marks on the drivers seat. The material used originally on these seats is Palex. It is not available any more. The only aftermarket seat covers do not match the color or the texture of the original seats. Since they are in fantastic shape, they were left alone with the exception of a good cleaning. Pictures speak for themselves. New GM shift handle installed. New shift cable.

Over all, this is the most detailed, beautiful restoration I have seen on a Turbo Regal, or any car for that matter. Im sure I am overlooking many new parts and details. Everything works as it should from the factory. Starts up immediately, get in and go. Please feel free to ask any questions, or contact me at any time for additional information, or concerns.

Please take some time to review the many pictures of this spectacular restoration.


Call or text any time 516-356-6238

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Very impressive restore! Where did you get the seat covers?
They are original. They don’t make quality seat cover. They don’t use original material and the color is way off. Like a blue M&M.

Ive got a dark blue T Chrome also and yes it hard to match the seat color but the PUI color is very good . Every other color by PUI is crap. I'm happy with mine.
F.... that he will be back thats his type of character , he is a glutton for punishment but truly loves the end result , maybe in a different medium a true artist/ work horse ..... good job
You should be ashamed of yourself! After all that work there's no bond? Would you sell your kids? Even worse would you sell your dog? Bad bad Buick owner!:cry:

Didn’t know you were living my life. Thanks for the tips. I’ll continue to help the Buick community with my extensive knowledge of the ins and out. You can continue to do the opposite. Thanks
Didn’t know you were living my life. Thanks for the tips. I’ll continue to help the Buick community with my extensive knowledge of the ins and out. You can continue to do the opposite. Thanks

LOL, thats funny , "extensive knowledge"
oh I forgot, you an expert "sharpie" operator.