GEN II setup instructions, help needed!!

Yes... When idling, after engine is warm. Should be open loop. It is one of your chips (E85). My BLM is 129, O2 are 820-870, TPS is .42 key one and .44 running, IACs are 16-19

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That's not uncommon for the A/F to move around a bit under those conditions. I would not be too concerned about it. Could be an electrical load, like fan turning on/off. Also sometimes you can get small misfires at idle that will cause momentary lean readings. As long as its idling ok, then it should be fine.
I was wanting to think that was the way it was suppose to be. I am going to drive it around a little this weekend and will post from there!!

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Ya, and over what span of time? I run my car in ECM closed loop (except idle), and it's common for the air fuel ratio to move around a lot if you move the accelerator at all while driving. Particularly in traffic where you're on and off the accelerator a lot. It's not uncommon to see it mover over even a wider range than you've seen.

Now, at WOT where AFR tracking is turned on, it should not vary that much, assuming you have AFR tracking activated and have a specified value entered in the table.
I do have the GEN II monitoring the A/F, but not really sure on how you make it auto correct.

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There's a whole section near the back of the GEN II manual on AFR correction. HIGHLY suggested reading!

Basically if the gain in AFR tracking is set to 0 (zero) it turns the correction off. Any value above 0 turns it on. Read, read, read.
After reading that manual several hundred times, I should have remembered that