GenI vs GenII PT6266

Sorry for this thread, I had been reading about turbos for far too long and just was not seeing what was right in front of me!!!
I took another look and noticed ball bearing only on the much more expensive unit and that would do it.
Gen 2 has different aero. Gen1 is 6 blade gen 2 is 7. The 7 blade is more efficient at higher pressure ratio. Gen1 will easily support 550rwhp. I wouldn't push it much past that just my 02


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Not a fan of their ceramic ball bearing system. Much better off with the journal bearing option.
As long as I can remember BB 61/62 mm turbos spool well with Vig/9/11 usually stall 24-2600 @ 1 psi. U can maintain a tight converter and u can lock the converter while cruising or at wot...

They may not be more reliable but
BB technology all day for me.
I was lucky a few years back to have a 6262 JB and a 6262 BB on the same 10.70 car, The BB did spool a tad faster but not a $800 justification. On the way to the track the BB unit failed because a piece of silicone(not aware it was used on the fitting prior to install) made its way into the oil feed and plugged the pinhole used to feed the cartridge. Bent the shaft and locked the unit up.
Well before stupid things like Alky Control and E85 most turbos lived in the 15-18psi range. Which explains why I see so many Te44, 45, 45a, 60-1, 70, and Ta49's still hanging in there. Now with 24-28 being the "norm" those unit are starting to fail and the new units get introduced to a life of higher psi from the start.

Joking about alky and e85 being stupid...
The BB will spool about 250 rpm faster than the JB, biggest thing is strength. The BB can handle higher boost better for longer
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