getting cargo trailer...have some questions


Lone Wolf
A friend of a friend is selling a 4x6 cargo trailer. Fully insulated and enclosed. He used it to haul deer during hunting season.

Said the tires were replaced this spring.

I have not actually seen the trailer but he says it is in excellent condition and I am only paying 75 bucks for it so I'll take a chance.

Here is my question: Is the load limit of a trailer based strictly on the tires or is there more to it than that? I assume leaf springs have some part to play as well as frame construction.

I was at tractor supply yesterday and I saw some trailer tires that said "Max load 535 lbs". So if I put tires that say 1000lbs on the trailer can I haul that much?

Any info on what gives a trailer its rating and any other thoughts you might have for me will be appreciated.
I think it's the axles that limit the load, along with the matching tires. Might have to see what axles it has, or model # & call a trailer place & see what it is. The tires are worth the $75, probably can't go wrong there. Might be able to trade up if it's not enough for you.
Hi Paul. I get the trailer tomorrow so hopefully it is a brand name and not something he built himself. If it is brand name, I hope there is a tag that tells me the cargo limits and such.