Gillette stadium car show 11jun15

Yeah this was probably the one and only for me, I'll be in NC for the next one and back to school at night for the rest. But on the plus side, I will be visiting Richard Clarks garage while I'm down there so pretty stoked about that.

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I'll bring mine.. Make me an offer... Lol.

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I'm going to try and be there around 6 myself. Need to wash and vac the car real quick. I'm not actually sure if I want to sell or not. But I just thought I'd throw it out there. Would be good to see ya again though. So text me when you get there. 6176883945

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A reminder that tomorrow is this show again and the weather is supposed to be excellent.
I'm still looking for a car so if anyone is bringing one for sale let me know.
not going to make it, body shop keeps pushing my fillers out a day...... I could go like this.....
I think it's moved up a week, because of the last home game? The last show was the 25th so it may be next Thurs?...Mike
Just called them ,
The car show is on tomorrow. (y)
But we are suposed to have possible isolated thunderstorms
30% chance of rain (n).
No school for me this year, so I may actually get a chance to make it this year. Hope to see y'all there

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Went last night,parked the 84 next to a nice GN with flames on the hood.anyone here ? Nice car....a.j.