Gillette stadium car show 11jun15

REMINDER : This thurs (the 22nd) is Gillette Stadium again .

And I'm still looking for my next TR, If anybody is going to the show and has one for sale. Please pm me.
Just another reminder that it is tonight.
I always hate being reminded about a show during it or after it has passed .
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First time attending and its impressive for a biweekly get together. Well worth the 45 minute trip. I think i counted 6 GNs including mine. I thought i was early but apparently not as i wasnt able to park next to any of the other GNs there. We were spread out throught the show. Would of been nice to line up the cars and meet the owners. Maybe next time
We should start a new thread with a set date. Just to give us all some time to plan it out...Mike
Any plans of anyone hitting this show this year? I hope I’m able to catch one

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