Girdled stroker 109, Champion ported irons, Champion intake


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Jun 1, 2001
I am parting out my 9 second capable 109 engine. The parts are either new or low mileage.

New girdled stroker 109 shortblock. The block is a NA 109 block . The rotating assembly is a GN1 4340 long rod stroker set up and it does have an RJC Girdle. We also upgraded the rod bolts to ARP bolts. It also comes with a TA balancer and JW flewplate that it was balanced with. Everything is new and unused other than the block. It is located in Springfield MO, but it can be shipped almost anywhere for $175 via Fastenal. $5900 for the shortblock. I would include a 210/215 Full Throttle roller cam and Morel lifters, and Comp Pushrods, and Comp double roller timing chain for $6300

Pair of Champion CNC ported irons. They have about 1500 miles on them and they are set up for a hydraulic roller cam. They need nothing and are ready to bolt on and go. $1100 plus shipping.

Champion ported stock intake. The intake and pleanun have been powdercoated Silver. The intake is complete including RJC power plate, Cotton’s angled IAC, stock fuel rail with Kenne Bell adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 160 thermostat and aftermarket water neck. The intake has been drilled and tapped on the back for the vacuum lines and comes with the fittings also. The intake also has a blank off for the top of the throttle body where the vacuum lines normally go and one for the EGR. $500 plus shipping.

Please include 3% to cover PayPal fees if using PayPal or send as a gift.


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Hey, been lookin for an angled iac forever. Would you be willing to separate that one piece and sale it?
Hey, been lookin for an angled iac forever. Would you be willing to separate that one piece and sale it?

I would like to sell it all together if possible, but if I do piece it out I will keep you in mind.
Why are you selling it? Does it have the hole for the oil drain tube?

I am selling due to having too many irons in the fire. I did not have the factory return line location drilled because I do not normally use that location. I like to drain the Turbo directly back to the oil pan of fuel pump block off location. In my experience that seems to work better.
I see you still have the iac would you be willing to separate. I’ll even send you my stock one to replace so you can have one on there