Global West vs. Hotchkis


Apr 13, 2002
Several weeks ago I ordered pretty much every part Global West sold for my Regal T-Type (except for the shocks, I went with Bilsteins). So far the only thing I have recieved are the springs. Every time I call they give me the run-around about where my parts are. I'm considering cancelling the order and going with Hotchkis. Is this a good idea?
NO. Go with HRpartsNstuff for whatever suspension stuff you need that they carry. The quality, workmanship, fitment and cost of HRpartsNstuff's stuff is unparalleled. More importantly Paul, the owner, caters to the Buick folks by providing great customer support, he helps sponsor this website and is good person. Click on the banner at the home page and see for yourself.
I have ordered a lot from Doug at Global West as well as a lot of me racin' buddies. Doug can get behind at times and his only problem is that he likes to receive the orders, ship the orders, work on R&D, etc.... In short he tries to do too much and that gets him behind.

Whether you cancel or not really depends upon your patience. I know when I order from GW I will not be getting my stuff in a hurry so I allow some time. I put up with it because he has really helped me A LOT in setting up my GN to road race. I don't know what all you bought from them, but you can get MOOG springs and ball joints at the local parts store and they are more than good enough in my opinion. The GW Del-A-Lum Bushings have no peer for my money and they'll last forever.

Hope that helps...

Good Luck,
I have the hotchkis uppers and lowers but i bought them from a friend new for 1/3 of the cost, if i didnt buy them from him iwould of bought the hrpartsnstuff products. my buddy just bought him arms and they are quality and they came in less than a week. good luck

- since when did hrparts start making tubular upper control arms with negative camber and del-a-lum bushings?

- the global west stuff is the best there is as far as suspension peices. While there are better design concepts (panhard bar/torque arm, etc..), for what they make, its beefy, well engineered and performs reliably.

- there is something to be said about parts that actually take a little longer to make, compared to pump-it-out parts.. kinda like comparing fast food to cuisine.. one isn't as good as the other..

- Lee Josephs just did his Global West front suspension/brake upgrade...

The Moog ball joints are splined where they go into the lower control arm, this can cause trouble when trying to get them to seat in the arm, instead he wound up buying Dana ball joints. The Danas went in with no problem.

Use off-set shafts so you don't have to use a ton of shims.

Apparently the B-body tie rods are beefier and help to correct the understeer problem.

He used the Hotchkis tie-rod adjusters because they were painted, GW's are not.

Check to make sure the top of the resivoir on the master cylinder clears the hood liner, his did not so he swapped on the resivoir from a 86/87 G-body vacuum brake mastercylinder (i think).

I want to thank you guys for your help.

I wouldn't be fed up with the wait for the Global West parts, if they would just be honest about how long they are going to take. Instead, every time I call, I'm told, "they are shipping tomorrow." So, I wait a week, no parts, call again, repeat. I'm going to hold out for the Global West stuff, mainly because of the Del-a-Lum bushings, and the Hotchkis front brake setup seems inferrior. Once again thanks for the help.
I wouldn't be fed up with the wait for the Global West parts, if they would just be honest about how long they are going to take

I understand that and I would be a bit upset (and have been with vendors) except I have met Doug at GW and when he says he is shipping tomorrow he probably means that and runs out of time. This is NO excuse whatsoever, just another way to look at it. He just needs to let go of some control and hire some people.

I'm going to hold out for the Global West stuff, mainly because of the Del-a-Lum bushings
You will not be disappointed with these. They are a great little unit!

As for buying other parts, in the future, you don't need to, necessarily, get the most expensive stuff to get what you need. I have a big hunch that Hotchkis and GW get their springs wound from the same company (outsourced), and maybe you could get the same product at the local auto parts house;)

Shiny side up:cool: