Jun 18, 2002
How bout a Subaru you can buy with the GMS employee discount and the GM card? The Saab 9-2x It's got the beating heart of a Subaru WRX, styling by Saab, but owned by GM! Saabaru Pic What do think of this one guys?
I saw this vehicle at the Philadelphia auto show and it is very nicely done-- the pics don't do it justice.

Note the rumor is that they are going to use a softer suspension setup on this than they do on the WRX.

I work for a Saab/Jaguar Dealership, and I cannot wait till we get the first one in.

Saab is a somewhat "interesting" brand...and their 9-3, and 9-5 have ALOT of Turbo lag. The new Saab 9-3 Convertible has some interesting features (Anti Roll bars that deploy with the Air Bags) as well as other things.

Hopefully the new 92 will have less lag...Rumors are that is is going to sticker for about $25K so it is not too expensive.