gmv6turbopower - NEGATIVE, do not deal with this guy!


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Oct 19, 2005
I gave this guy $35 for a glove box door, never received it. Emailed about 8 times, he only responded to the first couple, stalling me. I gave him six other opportunities to make things right. No response.

Bad news for him though, I paid with a check. I have the cancelled check, with his signature and another third party signature with their bank account number at Bank of America. I tried to be patient, but he quit responding a few weeks ago. I gave him one final week to square up, but no response as expected.

I intend to file a collection order against him. The account holder's sgnature appears to be a woman's - he had them cash the check for him. I guess he'll have to deal with the account holder. Hate to be mean about this, but he stole my $35.

I encourage everyone to not do business with this person: James Meyer aka gmv6turbopower. Do stop with just my opinion. Search the rest of this forum and you'll find others he stiffed too. Sorry it has to be this way James, but you had you chances, 8 of them over a month.
Not trying to relieve the seller of any responsibility here, but I always do a search under the user name and read the feedback section prior to considering a purchase.
i hate F'ing people like that...

I agree with you on that Mike, that is straight out bull sh it. Its not about the money, its about putting your trust in someone and getting stiffed. That sucks if its $35 or $1000. There is no excuse. We are all grown men.:mad:
Slimy bastard he has been ripping people off for 6 months now.

Really surprising how many people are getting the short end of the stick, since there's been so much negative feedback on this guy for months now.
I Learned My Lesson With This Guy! Iam The One Who Got Burned In December For A Used Console. I Started The Thread Does Any One Know Gmv6turbopower And He Is Still On Here ****ing Us Around. Why Doesnt He Get Banned? He Is Not A Tb Buddy He Is A Scammer!
The Longer He Is On Here The More Tb Members He Will **** Around!
Probably alot !!! I wonder if the admin's could setup some kind of flag when this guy logs in with a new name or something... really crappy :(
The ASS WHOLE got me for $300.00, for wheels posted under lindalikesgns on 6-28-2007.Paid through paypal,they attached his account for $3.42.This guy needs to be straightened out.
Probably alot !!! I wonder if the admin's could setup some kind of flag when this guy logs in with a new name or something... really crappy :(

they should be able to the IP address still remains the same and when he does go under a new account a guy with very little post should raise some red flags , i know that's not what he had before or was it?

if the moderator knows his ip address i have a web-site that will tell you what zip code and city he's in let me know guys should i just post it or pm it to you :confused:
Guys, I know James well, he is in my area and has purchaesd lots of stuff with no problems. I'm not sure what happened to him, but I hope to talk to him soon. I did call him last nite when I saw this thread, he told me he has had some really bad times, thats no excuse....... I told him to bring the rims up here and I would ship them for him. Anyone else having problems give me a call and I will do what I can to help. I left it in his corner to stop by the shop in the next day or 2 to try to help him get his life straightened out... we'll see if he shows, I have faith he will..
I met this guy in person and purchased some things. I believe that he has alot of friends on here that know where he is so they need to put some pressure on him to make things right. I think he lives in Ma. If you truely were scammed then go ahead and pursue an arrest warrant.
Turbo Steve,

I am mongoosetoo on (Brew). I never wanted to start any problems for James, but he bold-face lied to me. I am considering turning his name over to a collection agency, I have given him eight chances to to make things right, but he never has even bothered to to email me back. Its all for a lousy $35. All I want is my glovebox door.

I'm sorry if he has fallen on tough times, but that's no excuse to steal from honest people. I am confident that if there were some legitimate communication from this guy then most outstanding contracts would have been resolved; if there was a problem on his end, then he should have talked to us.

Furthermore, we have all joined this club to unite on a common bond; Turbo Buicks. And in the spirit of a club, comes the connection of a neighborhood. When a brother falls out of line like this he apparently has no feeling of unity with the rest of the group. I don't want neighbors like that, do you?

The point of this rant follows: this man feels no allegiance the collective whole known as Turbo Buick. He has consistently disregarded his contractural obligations to many of us. Whether or not he has fallen on hards times is irrelevant, the point of the matter is his loss of unity. He cares more for his own car than ours.

Have any of you ever had the radio stolen out of your car? You know that feeling when you walked up to the car and saw the finger smears on the glass where they broke in and then looked at the dash to see cut wires and mangled vinyl? Then you sat in the seat to survey the damage and the car felt wrong to you? You felt violated, betrayed, and maybe even a little vengeful? That's how I feel. I know it was only $35, but it's not about the money, it's about betrayal.

Thanks, mongoosetoo
I wasnt scammed by this guy but I feel bad for the ones that were. There is nothing worse then a thief! Get the Law on his ass and see results quick.
Probably alot !!! I wonder if the admin's could setup some kind of flag when this guy logs in with a new name or something... really crappy :(

I actually have something like that. You'd be amazed how many people here have 2, 3 or even more accounts.