GN 15x7 aluminum wheels


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May 25, 2001
Looking for 2 of these. Didn’t realize they were hard to find. Im in Jax FL.
Thanks, these are what I am looking for, but that link says out of stock. I’m a few years too late. 😀
I ordered a set of the aluminum replicas a few years back from and I like them, no issues.

This past summer I wanted to get another set of the 15x8 rears to mount a set of MT ET Street SS tires for the drag strip and Gbodyparts did not have stock and didn't know when they were going to have stock. I noticed that Classic Industries had some 15x8's in stock so I asked the guy on the phone at if Classic Inustries carried their wheels. His responce was no, stay away from those because they are junk and can come apart at high speeds...... I was thinking to my self, how may companies out there can be making GN re-pop wheels? Doubt more than one due to the small market and the expense to tool up to build a wheel like that.

I rolled the dice and ordered the set of the 15x8's from Classic Industries just to see for myself, if they were shit looking I would return them. What do you know, they showed up in a box! Same freaking rim. Exactly the same, casting marks also the same.

I see right now Classic Industries shows both the 15x7 and 15x8 in stock.

Heres the link to the 15x7's

I would suggest calling Classic Industries to confirm stock though, but they are usually fairly accurate on their website.
Got mine through Classic Industries a few months ago too. Looks like the same items as GBodyParts.
Ok I thought Gbodyparts brought this to market, it was Goodmark which makes way more sense now that I saw Classic and Opgi give them credit for it in their listing. Maybe Gbody worked with Goodmark so they want more of the sales but I'd have to think they're all from Goodmark.

3 retailers so far..


Classic Industries

I think the package from GBodyParts is more complete than from Classic. I had to buy center cap decals separately from the wheels, and they didn't come with lugnuts either. Not a big deal, but I believe GBodyParts included everything.
I think Highway Stars might not offer the wheels anymore, I couldn't find them earlier before my links post. If they do still offer, let's update this info, they're a great GN retailer to buy from and support.

I'm in the minority but I like the fact you don't buy the whole package, there are different caps avaliable and lug nuts which you can customize a little to your liking.

I don't recall the history of bringing these wheels to market but there's a good chance Gbodyparts was a big help and they probably want to soak up the sales because of that. If true I get why you wanna tell people to buy from you but you can't lie to them on why or create crazy false narratives on your competition if the stories not real.
Classic has only 1 15x7 in stock. I think it will be tough to get another 1 vs 2. Thanks for the feedback though