GN beat by a bug?

True, it looks bad, but that's just about the weakest launch I've ever seen from a GN.

Hmm, I see two possible explanations...

1. The guy has no idea how to drive a GN

2. This guy showed him how to install his turbo Stupid Ricer "This is how you hook up a turbo. Compressor -> Exhaust, turbine -> intake. Trust me, Ive installed NAAWWSS in my car"

Man, I got smoked by a bug one time. In my 71 Chevelle. It was a friend of mine, and I was going to play with him. I had the bottle open, and full, so I was going to give him a big jump and let him think he was winning, and then hit the spray and dust him. The arming switch was by my knee, installed by the guy I bought the car from, who was a good foot shorter than me. I must have bumped the switch at some point, because when I hit the button, all I did was bog down. He whooped me. It was a sad day, but he would have lost on nuts anyway, if I hadn't gotten cocky and let him out so far.
I got beat by a bug once in my old escort gt. The bug was primer grey with two big lights on the roof and an old police spotlight between them. All the interior was removed and it had too racing seats in it. It was baja style with no fenders and no engine cover. It shot flames out the exhaust! The guy worked on this car for years and at least it could beat something!

He ended up giving it to his mom and he bought a truck. It was funny to see someones mom driving this car to work, grocery and stuff!
I got whooped pretty bad by a bug once in my GN. I was at the line and looked over at a primered bug and just rolled my eyes. This was after a day of running 14sec Rustangs and ricers. Well, the lights come down the tree and I make a near perfect launch. About 80ft out this thing starts walking me pretty bad. At the end I think I ran 12.56 to his 11.87. The guy obviously put most of his $$$ on the motor. It had a pretty cool turbo setup.
There used to be a 9-10 second bug that ran every now and again at Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble, Oklahoma. I think the name was "Valve Bender"... The thing would come out of the hole like a monster and pull the fronts on every shift.