GN car shows

Id like to know so I can invite a friend or two but it's always nice to give plenty of notice.
I cannot do the 20th.
I'm a newbie and would like to come out for this. I already know Richard as he recently built a hell of a transmission for me. Looking forward to meeting some other NC Turbo Regal owners.
I might be a long shot to attend but I'm going to try. Is it the 27th
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Yea. Sorry for lack of responses. Tough times as of late. Can someone check with RC to make sure it is OK?

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Just went to a local cruise in we have here in High Point....awesome little(100-200) cars every Thursday night.
As I was leaving saw another GN pull in, so I had to park and introduce myself. Amazing car, great guy...Craig T. was his name. He said he was here on the forums, I gave him my number and he called me so I could get his but it never came through. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him? His car was fully built with just about everything. If anyone can pass this along I would like to get his contact info as he is in the same town as I am. I intentionally left his last name as T. because I didn't know if he wanted his name/car plastered around.
If you're talking about Mr. Clark's address then look in the old threads about the events at his place. His address is posted there.
Hello all! I just stumbled on this discussion and wanted to say count me in for the 27th! I'm in eastern NC about 3 hrs from RC's shop but a TR meeting is well worth the drive!