GN is finally collectible

I think the majority of my generation saw that article coming. I once told my former boss (who grew up in the muscle car era) that the g body would eventually become the next 57 Chevy, and he laughed at me. I went on to explain that while his generation is crawling into the grave, my generation will be in a position to buy the "cars to have" when we were in school. The best of the best from the 50's through the muscle car era will always be collectible, but the highlights of the 80's and 90's are going to keep rising.
right now, even the price of IROC Camaros is on a steady upward trend, and it's dragging the prices of the base models up along with it- which is something that the GN isn't really doing with Regals..
Am I wrong to question $71,500 for a Fox-body 'Stang? I don't care how special the particular model might be .... :D
Collectibility...that is why I purchased what I did -- a factory stock *very well taken care of * unmolested 31 k mile GN. Don't get me wrong, I do drive it because it is a badass car, but it is not a dally driver. The mods I have done so far to it are all bolt in ( chassis bracing ) and can be removed if someone feels the need. Don't know why somebody would, but hey, to each his own. And I do think the $ value will go nowhere but up.
Hold onto that thing for 7-8 years. A friend of mine bought a really clean '87 GN with 11k miles and sold it 6 months later. I really wanted to take it off his hands and hold onto it awhile, but my wife talked me out of it. So bummed.