GN is going to the track for first time w/o a chip, need some advice


Well I've finally got my GN running the way it should. The TV cable is all adjusted, got the IACs right, TPS correct. Added a Fuel pump upgrade with hotwire, adjustable billet regulator, adjustable wastegate arm, boost gauge, rjc plate, K&N cone, cut the cat, and welded in a bung for my wideband. The only real thing im missing is a turbotweak chip. Oh, Ive got a handheld scanner also.

My question is...without a chip, I realize ill be leaving some stuff on the table, but with race gas, and a wideband to monitor my a/f, how high can i safely turn up the boost on the stock ecm calibration? I will be able to turn the boost up enough to keep me at a safe 11.7-12 flat, but dont want to exceed the safety limit of the stock timing tables.

Also, how much could I run on the street with 93 octane? i am running the stock 15 psi right now.
do u have a way to monitor the amount of knock the car has under WOT, like a scanmaster, or scantool that will display knock retard for u? i would not get too crazy without that because u dont want to be tearin the engine apart right away!

im sure with race gas u could have some fun though, i would personally tune closer to 11.0-11.5 just to be safe unless u have somethin to display knock retard! def. recommend a turbotweak chip though made for what ur gonna be doing though, adjustable fueling and timing will allow u to get the most out of ur car! boost on the street i got around 17 lbs. using turbo tweak chip and stock intercooler, but again ull need to monitor knock!

im a youngin though and never really tried messin with the old chip since there is so much stuff out there today to choose from. some of the ol' timers will hopefully chime in and share there wisdom;)