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More pics
Thanks very much. I was informed they were made off shore now. I wonder if that was old stock? Either way good find.
Thanks again.
Hi Kevin, from the pics that Dave shared, on the label, that water pump was packaged the 163rd day of 2018 - so yes, good old stock.

We know AC Delco is just a name - there are no AC Delco factories making parts - just distribution warehouses of parts in privately labelled boxes (AC Delco) from suppliers (OEM or aftermarket).

the product image currently on HighwayStars website is a different casting for the pump housing - who knows if current website image accurately reflects product in inventory. it's a similar casting to the ebay linked pump shared by Rick (X-ray). So who knows what you'd find in an AC Delco box - no telling how long a vendor has had any particular unit they are selling. Most vendors won't give you the time of day if you start asking about date codes, country origin of part, etc. It's always the response, "it's the correct part number, it works, you buying or not?"

When you're looking for something specific, you'd think you were asking a vendor to move mountains rather than take a minute to tell you what they had in stock. Heck, there are a few vendors in our Buick community that show a pic of a NOS part in the GM package and describe it that way. However, if you buy it, you will receive a re-pop of that part or an aftermarket brand "equivalent" - certainly not the NOS part pictured and described. so keep that in mind as you filter your pump finds.