GN Parts For Sale


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Dec 29, 2005
I am listing a bunch of GN parts that I have for sale anyone intrested just PM me and I can send you pics prices and what ever info you may need.
109 block with crank,rods,pistons this eng has a rod knock stock bore
set of cast heads ported,polished,bowl work,combustion chamber work,bronze guides,aftermarket springs,stock valves
stock lower intake
valve covers
stock cam
timing cover
oil pan
turbo oil return tube stock
coils and modules
inner coolers
inner cooler scoupes
stock ecm
3 aftermarket chips
front and rear seats
tilt steering column
LH side brand new GM wheel open molding with stock screws that have the sealer on them this is new not reconditioned or aftermarket not sure if front or rear
4 bolt turbo
1 set quarter windows
1 set plastic turbo inner fenders
air cleaner assemblies
various eng brackets coil,inner cooler,alt
edelbrook rear upper trailing arms with anti hop brackets
interior sail panels
flex plate/flywheel
cooling fan assembly
I will be updating list as I continue to gather the GN parts that I still have. But if you are intrested just PM me
Drivers Seat Bottom

Looking for a clean, non ripped, teared or cigarate burn holes lower drivers side seat cover for an 87 GN.
GN parts

front and rear seats 200.00 plus shipping

The rear trailing arms are not adjustable they are boxed and have anti hop bars with them

I dont want to seperate the seats but I will take a look I know I have some seat covers and if I do I will sell it to you. I will take a look when I get home.

I believe I have answered all pm's if I did not I am sorry.