GN parts needed


Jan 19, 2022
New poster here. I bought a 87 this winter and I'm looking for some parts for it. Can anyone give me a good resource for buying parts for the grand national? I need new power window motors, and a refurbed power brake booster assembly. Mine's pretty loud when I step on the gas.

Congrats on your purchase. Try Kirban performance. He sells lots of things for turbo Buicks.
Try these:

Highway Stars
GBody Parts
Mikes Montes
Inline Tube
Caspers Electronics
GM Parts Giant
Hartline Performance
Richard Clarks Garage
Full Throttle Speed
Spoolfool Products
RJC Racing
TR Custom Parts
Cruze Performance
DEEP Wallet
and I'm sure there are others I missed .................................

Welcome Aboard !!!
Can also post in parts wanted on here amongst the others listed by HotAirWh1.
Here in Arizona, both Auto Zone and O'Reilly stock window motors.
A window racer won't "fix" a worn out motor, it's a fine addition for new motors though.
They also stock heater fans, motors, and cores too, as well as sensors and more, try them first. In many cases they are the same brands and some specialty places rebox and mark up. Do your homework first. You do get the convience of one stop shopping, but you will pay for it.