GN Stolen From in Front of House!


Sep 19, 2001
Awww damn....

You guys won't believe what happened to me on Saturday, I had my GN listed for sale in the local paper and on the Net...Two guys show up to my door interested in my car...I'm all excited cuz I think I have a serious buyer after a bunch of people calling and interested with no money, This guy and his friend say they have the money and were willing to buy within a few days. So I run and grab the keys to my precious GN and started her up and let it idle for a few minutes..The club mind you was still on my steering wheel at this point. The guys ask if I can back the car out of my dark no lite garage and me and my stupid self agree, but in order to do this I had to move my other car (Toyota) out of the driveway and as I backed my car out of the driveway, this punk jumps into my GN backs it out of the driveway and I look inside my car and walk up to it to get inside to find why the *&*# he backed my car out and as I grab for the passenger door he shoots up the street like a bat outta hell.....

His friend is still sitting in his car..At this point I didn't know what too think. I have this errie feeling that he just stole my car but wanna believe that he took it for a test drive and just didn't want me in it?? Don't ask cuz I know that is the epidimy of damn stupidity..So I go to his friends car and ask him whats up with your friend taking off with my car like that needless to say without me in it?? His friend is like well he's just going for a little test drive...I actually believe this idiot!! So 15 minutes go by and I cautiously ask this guy Is your friend a thief? He laughs and says "Naw man"...I say well lets go and look for him and this guy is afraid to go with me in my car and keeps stalling so I'm getting very aggitated at this point and say @$#& it lets find him in your car so this guy had his car parked in my driveway....Awww wait before this occurs I ask his friend where does he stay?? (Referring to the Bastard that took my car??) He said with a Friend. The guy said I think I have his girls number so he looks up her number gives it to me talks to her and asks if she had seem him and I can hear her say no. Remember this cuz this will come in handy.

Back to the events, The guy gets into his car and as I park mine on the curb , this motha$#@& locks his door and speeds backwards outta my driveway so I this point I thoroughly convinced that this was a plot from the very start...I jump into my car a 4 Cylinder 99 Camry no match for what this guy had (Late Model Impala SS V-8 I think) i pursue him and he's jumpin curves and running lights and I'm doing the same chasing him and with the police on my cell phone...After about 3 minutes of chasing him I lost him and the police told me to head home.

I meet the officer there and I give her the info needed plus the phone number to his apparent girlfriend..Later on that night the turd that stole my car called me on my cell phone and said "I took the car and showed it to my girlfriend" and I needed the rest of the money to the buy the car (Btw $14,000 was the asking price) He said he was going to bring my car back...I of course called the police and they set-up a parameter around my house and around the block trying to nab this idiot in case he's really this damn foolish to drive a stolen car back to the site of theft. Needless to say he doesn't come......Later that night and at about 6:30 Sunday morning I get a call saying they found my car in great condition. It was parked not to far from his girlfriends house whom the police traced back to that number his friend had called while I was in his car!! The police said when they found it the alarm was "Armed" I went to the station and saw the car, Thank GOD my car was in one piece, my GTA wheels were still on, my monitoring gauges were still in my car, 6-disc changer, Amp and Kicker Box was still in the Trunk, all chrome pieces under the hood were still there....Get this, they took all my paperwork I left in the car, my club and like 5 cd's I had in the car but nothing else?? I dunno if they were planning on waiting until 1st thing Monday morning to do a full strip job on the car or what? Cuz records show cars like ours are stolen 99% are recovered in bits and pieces not as a whole...The Police found my car roughly 4:00 in the morning with no frost on it cuz where I stay (Michigan) its still pretty cold this time of year. It was cold that night probably (high 20's or low 30's) Get this the police said they went by the house around Mid-night and the car wasn't there came back around 4:00 and found it. These pricks were joy riding in my car. After I had the car towed to my house and back into my garage for the hell of it i check the gas cap cuz I was going to fill the tank up with gas and know for a fact that the car had less than 1/4 tank of gas when it was stolen...Sure enough my cap was left unlocked cuz I have a special locking gas cap w/key....So these damn foo's joy rode in my car and even put gas into my car...Here's the funny part I think I know why they didn't cruise longer or all night...MY CAR DOES NOT HAVE ANY HEAT, IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED YET, THESE PRICKS WERE PROBABLY COLD AS HELL TRYING TO CRUISE IN MY CAR WITH ICE COLD AIR BLOWING IN THEIR FACE!!!!! THEY SHOULD FEATURED IN THE WORLDS MOST DUMBEST CRIMINALS TV SHOW!!

I consider myself one lucky fellow no doubt in my mind, They still got my keys and alarm pad, so today I arranged for a Pro Locksmith to come and and replace my ignition and design a new key.....He's also going to re-key my drivers and passenger doors and trunk...I'm then going to go and have the remote alarm pad I do have thankfully I had two of them re-programmed. Also purchased a hardened steel column lock!!

Listen to this too, I always keep my loaded 9mm in my glove compartment but that Friday I had taken my 9mm glock pistol back to the gun shop cuz I didn't feel the need for it but I think GOD knows I would have used it and perhaps killed someone and be sitting in jail right now instead of here @ work telling my fellow GN Owners about my horrible weekend from Hell.....

:mad: :mad:

Talk to ur GN next time u ride in her cuz parasites like the ones
I ran into are out there roaming the streets waiting for more victims like me...Next time I'll be better prepared!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :eek: :eek:
Glad to hear you got your car back. Now I do not feel too weird about not letting the people who bought my last two cars even drive them before they bought them. I let them walk around it and check it out and listen to it run but they were blocked in my driveway by my other cars so they could not go for a drive in it even if they tried. I may be paranoid but I figure at least I still have my car too! Anyways, I am glad you 'survived' the incident. I wish you had shot them but we all know some liberal ass lawyer would have found a way to blame you for them stealing your car and you would be in jail for many years to come while the real criminals were out on the street.
I did the same thing when i sold my GN. I let in run in my driveway so the buyer could hear it run and stuff. But, before they got there I had pulled it out of the garage and had my other car blocking it in. I also didn't let the guy drive it until we got to the bank and I saw the money in hand. I told him he could do whatever he wanted in the driveway but he couldn't drive it until I saw the money. I also sold mine in the winter and the roads were crappy but so he understood. Anyone buying a car like this that is real serious will not have a problem waiting to drive it until they come with the money. If they do they are not that serious about buying. Just keep it blocked in at all times. Did they catch the guys? You must have had a good description of them.
What happend or is happening with the guy that stole it and his accomplice? I'd be waiting for him with a baseball bat at his girlfriends house....
GN Stolen

Hey guys thanks for the tips...I'll defininetly put them to use next time.....If I ever see these punks A royal azz-kickin will be served up.....Btw, yeah I got a real good description of these parasites and passed it along to the appropriate authorities.....Actually the police found this punks record and told me that he has had several instances in the pass related to auto theft..The police assured me that they'll nail em cuz of the amount of info I got on them...I told them I better be the first to get a phone call to press charges.....Hey my baseball bat is sitting right next to my bed I'm ready to crush some skull!!! If I were this guy I'd be pretty damn scared right about now......:mad: :mad:

If it was an Impalla you would know it ,cant mistake that car with a caprice,,did you atleast get the plate # off the Impalla..BTW
Congates on the recovery..:)

Hey buddy this happened in Oak Park, MI a northern Suburb of Detroit (Btw: Oak Park is known for being a small quiet city and this happened in the damn day light...These punks were from Detroit and the car was found on the West side of the City.....
I'm still fuming and really wanna open up a can of whop-ass!!


Yeah I got a really good description of the car and the plate...All that info was given to the police....I mean this impala was decked out....had oversized chrome five spoke wheels on it...Limo tinted windows and was a purpulish pearl color....Stands out like a sore thumb.....


:mad: :mad: :mad:
Oak Park Quiet, are you kidding me!!

Oak Park isn't known for being quiet. You would get your jordan's stolen from you walking down the street in the daytime.:)
For sure!

Actually my family is from oak park, right off the blvd on roanoak. I'll plan on meeting up with you during the spring\summer. Actually on the 6th of april the mtbc {michigan turbo buick club} is getting together at Agressive auto on grossbeck. It's going to be a wild time. If you want to go, give me a call at 586-255-3426 and i'll swing by and pick you up.

I'm real glad you got the car back too. I hate sumbags.

Most defininitly, I'd love to cruise wit you guys....Hey here's my number 248.320.2605 and email me I'll forget so tell you what email or call me like the week before the event....Just count me in...Good to see nyce people still exist but after-all every GN Owner is kewl in my book!!!!!!!!:D

These guys must have watermelons for balls!!:eek: I hope they get them for you, glad you got it back. Frank

Hey guys,

I know even when I think and re-cant the events of that horrible day it seems sur-real or something that came straight outta of a movie....Hey fella's do any of you guys have a column lock called "STEADFAST"...Its a couple hundred bucks and the locksmith who replaced my ingition and re-keyed my doors and trunk said that is the best device against thief cuz he said its made of hardened steel and that the way its mounted it would really slow a thief down considerably....

If any of you guys have this let me know if its worth the investment or not? Get this I looked in my CD Changer last nite and the punk that took my car stole my CD's right, well he left one of his CD's in my changer and when I started the car the gas tank was damn empty...These thieves were bold and brazing w/o a doubt...I'm still pissed though!!!!!:mad: :mad:
Your Car


I know what you mean,
but it better than having your GN stolen :)

You need to move out here to Chelsea. The only danger to a GN out here is a combine that stretches across both lanes and those swervy hay wagons in the fall.

I will be at Bruce's party on 4/6. You should reward your TR by bringing her out to my Spring Fling on 4/20.


Have to plug that thing often.....
Count me in


You guys are getting together on 04/06? Thats a Saturday right? Where and what time will you guys be meeting up? I'm sure my Grand "Baby" would love to get bathed and driven to see some fellow relatives ya know!! :D :D

Give me all the details and we'll be there without a doubt...Still simmering though!! :mad: :mad: