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Nov 27, 2003
Whenever I start my car, most of the time it has a rough idle and will eventually die...or jump up to 2000rpms then come back down then sputter and die. After driving it down the road a mile or two, it runs ok, but then sometimes it will start to get rough again at stoplights. I replaced the plug wires and fuel filter w/ no change. I finaly got around to cleaning my intercooler...that was when bundles of joy really started splattering on the wall. My front passenger side plug started fouling so I replaced my plugs. I'm not having to power brake my car at lights anymore to keep it alive(or seeing the CE light), but it is running worse than before I touched the 'cooler. It only has 57000 miles on it. I dont know when the injectors were replaced, but they were replaced w/ the green tops that are just like 28# injectors. It still has the factory fuel pump as well. Most of the other mods are below...
This is the second car that would be "alive" until I got down the road aways :( My 66 GTO did the same thing...stupid Holley Double-Pumper carb....
I know virtually nothing about these cars, but if that car runs poorly at idle to about 2,000 rpm, but then seems to run ok at higher rpms, could it be the tps?
I would also consider a compression check.
mine did the same thing in the mornings or starting up after sitting for along time, usually cleared up after a couple mile drive, or letting it warm up for a looong time... i changed my injectors end chip, and has been fine and dandy ever since.

you may start with a chip first, and if you have a green ring around your injector, its a 009. look at this for picture guides on injectors:

injector guide

i would try changing the chip, make sure its for the right injectors, if your not sure, take a picture, and post it on here, some one can figure it out.

heh, and btw, this is thread #111111, i just thought that was kind of a cool number
that is pretty cool...

well, thanks for the suggestions, I'll try ajusting the TPS and cleaning my injectors...If that doesnt work, I need bigger injectors anyway, so I'll replace them and see if that helps.