GN1 Performance 4" Single shot exhaust? T


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Oct 1, 2001
Anyone have this installed on their GN or TType?

my car is lowered along with HR Rear sway bar and i also have 3.5" driveshaft....

worried about clearance issues over axle and overall fitment...

If you have any feedback or install pics plz post or Pm me.

Thanks in advance
Drone is the first word that comes to mind! Its one for sale in the marketplace. Look at what the seller said.
I bought the RJC 4 inch and plan on using the biggest Borla muffler I can get. I will have to cut 2 inches off each pipe, but it should help with the drone and overall sound. Borla mufflers sound real nice. The Borla is 2 inches longer then the supplied muffler.