GNS Dash Insert Install


Hello All,
Just got done installing the Revolution Dash from GNS Performance and I must say it is a very nice improvement over the stock analog dash! I also added a matching electronic fuel pressure gauge to the A Pillar where my boost gauge used to be. I'd say the install was about a 7-8 out of 10 and took several weekends due to my work schedule and family obligations. Everything needed for the install was included along with detailed instructions. The only thing I did was drilled holes for adding the Alky "Low" and "On" LEDs. I reused the red/green LED and used a new red "Low" LED that Scot included. I also added labels next to the LEDs to easier identify them. Any questions or issues I had Scot quickly resolved via phone or email and trust me, I had many. I can't wait to try out the 0-60 and 1/4 mile timers!
That really does look spectacular and resulted in me ordering the same setup.
Any real issues with the installation I should be aware of?
Hey all, thanks for the replies!

bob86gn, The included instructions were pretty straight forward. The only real issue I had was disconnecting the factory tach connector behind the dash. The way I got to it was by removing the radio and A/C control panel. Also, drain the coolant as you will need to replace the water temp sender. This was not mentioned in the instructions. However, any issues or questions that you may have during install just call or email Scot. He is very helpful!

One last thing , I used Loctite 567 on the new oil and water sensor threads.


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