GNTTYPE web site planned outage ...


We are planning to migrate the site from it's current location in Colorado to a new location in Missouri over the Holidays.

Since this will involve shipping the actual hardware, the site will be DOWN for a period of a few days while the box is shipped, received, reracked and the DNS entries updated and repointed.

Dec 20th thru Jan 1st

Site down on December 20th and on a UPS truck
Intransit for 3-5 days
Scott to work on getting it back online right after Christmas
Back up and online by Jan 1, 2006 (maybe sooner if the stars all align and Scott doesn't have to spend his Holidays fighting network hardware and stuff!)

Once the site is back up and stable, please consider contacting Scott for donations and banner ads to pay for the new hosting bandwidth!
Thanks for the info Ken , good luck with the move.

I will keep this stuck up top till you are back up and running.