Gnutlass info, Pix to follow


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Oct 19, 2005
Seats are from an 88 Supra, 8 way adjustable, the switch to control them will be in the custom console when all done. Other niceties: the wheels are 16x8 88-90 iroc wheels beadblasted bare, the rear is a 7.5" posi it will have 3.43 gears this winter. I would rather use the 8.5", but I got the 7.5" cheap and thought I would give it a try. Another custom thing, the mirror is from a Caddy, autodimming, it also has a feature to autodim the headlights from oncoming traffic, I haven't figured out how to have it autodim my headlights, but maybe I'll figure it.

The shifter is a B&M Prostick. I started using these about 15 years ago in my cars and just love the feel of them. It has a reverse lock out and a backup light switch and a neutral safe switch too. It's coupled to the stock TH200-4r. Nothing special down there.

Rear seats have been trash-canned. I'll just carpet the back and build a box big enough to level off the trans tunnel. I have dual 10" Rockford Fosgate Subs, in custom boxes, will be mounted in the trunk under the rear dash. The switch in place of the cigarette lighter controls fog lights, nothing fancy there, I just don't smoke and was trying to find a way to clean up that area of the dash.

The Head unit is a stock digital GM, coupled to a Rockford Fosgate Punch 120 amp. The underdash CD is a Pioneer 6 disc. In place of the back seat Opera lights, I installed two 2.5" no name tweeters, I don't know if I'll hook them up, I was just trying to get rid of the stock ugly lights. I built a nice speaker panel for the two 6x9's but have changed my mind on the mounting location, so I'll probably have to redo it.

The speaker panel represents my first attempt at doing interior work. I built it from a piece of 3/4 plywood and cut out and glued letters from 1/4" foam and then covered the whole thing with interior ceiling material. I'll post a pic, but you can see the letters "gnutlass" embossed under the fabric between the speakers. It came out perfect.

The door panels and rear dash has been covered with velour from JoAnn Fabrics. I never realized how easy this interior stuff is, but it came out awesome too. Alternating black and grey checks. Kinda matches the pattern of the seats upholstry. Anyone attempting this, trust me, ONLY use the 3M spray glue Super Strength. It works the best, I tried to cheap shot it once and had to redo the whole job.

That's all I can think of right now, I'll try to post pix later, the resolution of my pix isn't compatible with this site. I'll either fix the res or post elsewhere with a link. :eek:
I guess re-reading my post, it does sound a little redneckish huh? Well, don't cast judgement til you see the pix. It is a tasteful project. My point in the bio was to show people how you can make a really cool car - without taking out a second mortgage.
don't be offended or embarassed. I'd rather see a car someone put their own sweat and blood into than one that was "paid for" customized or a "Pep Boys" special edition. If it fits good, works, and not gawdy, that is a true custom car and keeps with the original hot rodder mentality.
Thanks SFI guy. I couldn't agree more.

I'll eventually post pix, but I'm having trouble getting this dialup account to upload a picture. Gotta love living out in the boonies.