GNX 247 or in that neighborhood


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I was thinking about this earlier today while I was getting ready for work. I have had my car for a little over 10 years. I bought my car because a real good friend had an absolutly MINT 87 GN. He whipped my butt going up I-75 one night. I had a 1988 Trans-Am GTA 5.7 with a little over 2,500 in performance upgrades including NOS. After the beating I was at that instantly transformed into a Buick lover. We would hang out together quite a bit even before I got my Buick. I lived in Vandalia Ohio at the time, and my friend lived in Huber Heights which is only about 5 minutes away from Vandalia. We would go to the weekend cruise spots open the hoods, sit and occasionally get into a race with someone now and then. We also would meet up with a guy named Tom that lived in Huber as well. He had a GNX. I think it was number 247.I have pictures of our cars together. I have pictures of the GNX and the enterior but none close enough to get the number off of the dash. We would always park together and I would occasionally ride in the GNX. I run service for a local heating and cooling company and ran a call to a guys house that was at one time a salesman at Reichard Buick in Dayton Ohio. That was where this GNX was sold.He told me the car sat in the showroom with ropes around it and no one was allowed to touch it. He said Tom came in looking for a GN and ended up buying the GNX with cash money and driving it home. Tom also had a 88 or 89 Z-28. It was a stripped version I think it was a 1LE model. (its been 10 years here im trying to remember the code!) Tom drove both of them. I remember the GNX had over 20,000 miles on it. It sat in a garage behind his house with the Z. He would leave the garage door cracked so his CATS would have shelter. They sure did have shelter and a good place to sleep. Like on top of the GNX. It was frustrating to me and Jason (my friend with the GN) Every time Tom would open the hood of the GNX we would gaze at the cat hair gathered around the wiper blades. The water spots etc all under the hood from the rain. The cat scratches on the body of the car. The GNX still looked real good, but good grief the LEAST I would do is keep the freakin cats off of it! Anyway, it seemed as Tom knew what he had. He would never comment on the value of the car or anything like that. He was a common kind of guy. Always wore the same black shirt, jeans, and belt. He seemed to have a lot of knowledge about the car. Ohh, almost forgot there was a Coffee stain in the passenger seat..ooops. I have since gotten married (9 years ago) and soon stopped the cruising. I have moved several times but still live fairly close to Huber and go there quite often I haven't seen the GNX in just as long. I know that Tom sold it probably about 7 or 8 years ago. I have a friend at work I have known about 15 years. He used to hang out with us as well and knows Tom really well. I was talking to him a while back, and metioned the GNX. He told me that he believes Tom sold that car for either 9,000 or 12,000. I about crapped a brick. I told him I would have bought that car in a heartbeat if I would have known that. I even mentioned selling a kidney if I would have had to :D . I am wondering if anyone knows about this car. I am going to try and find out the exact number for sure.I'm pretty sure it was 247, maybe not. I will also try and find my photos and look real close at the shot of the dash. I thought someone may know of this car, or possibly someone here may have the car.
Just curious............
Not to hijack your thread but the story was interesting about how the GNX was kept by your friend.

We had a friend that did the same thing in storing a 69 shelby. It was 2/3rds in the garage & the back 1/3 stuck out so snow would sit on it. (That caused him 4k repair to the rear window / rear quarters. He never put fresh antifreeze or oil change before or after storage, no mouse traps or anything to store it properly. :(

Good luck in the find.
At first I thought that one was stolen but after doing a search it turned out to be #249. If I ever bought a GNX, I would track down #248. The VIN # is ONE DIGIT higher than my GN, meaning it followed my car down GM's assembly line before being shipped to ASC. Being neglected is a shame, but with a GNX, anyone who would own one knows it is rare and valuable and It will likely be restored.