Gnx 398


Jan 16, 2003
GNX 398 300 miles. Absolutely flawless, untouched. Jacket, Hat, Tag all the paperwork and more. Purchased by a Buick dealer and enthusiast. He kept all papers and even the letters between himself and ASC. The dealer retained the vehicle for 11 years in the showroom. Currently in my air conditioned storage in South Fl.

$65,000 firm
Did you buy this car in PA?? I was negotiating a deal with a guy in PA back in the summer of 2001 to buy a GNX (could have sworn that it was #398), but I ended up buying a Z06 instead. He wanted $30,000 for the car.
I had a tentative deal with this guy, but all of a sudden he is not returning e-mails ???


You alive ???
twinvipers said:
2001 1160+++RWHP Twin Turbo VIPER GTS.9.45@157MPH.
01 996Turbo.
GNX #438 with 900 miles.
GNX #153 16K(I can drive this one).
89 TT/A #1164 with 1400 miles.
79 SE Trans AM 400/4sped.
03 Navigator.

Why do you have like... $450,000.00 worth of cars?
I have 18 month old twins and the cars are their college fund !!!

I'd rather have cars in the garage than money in the bank...
Twin Vipers, I think that your Xtremely correct about that!!! As long as you still have some cash $$$ in an Emergency??
Don't thank me my friend. I would rather be driving and enjoying my money than letting it sit in a bank and collect a very small amount of interest!! With that many cars you'll never put a lot of miles on them and as long as there covered and safe they are/will be worth ALOT of $$$$!!!!!!!
Here is a pic I took today while getting them(900 Mile GNX and TT/A) ready for winter...


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They are Absolutely Gorgeous my friend!!!!! I'm getting jealous!! LOL. Thinking about new colors, paint schemes for the GNX clone??? Mu Marauder has chrome illusion flames and they look Great!!!!
Hes a busy person like most of us here,he'll get back to ya in time :cool:

Bobby's a great seller :D
I do but there not to good! As soon as the weather clears here i'll get some better ones and get some idea's/feedback from you.