GNX 425 and 190 for sale


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Hi Everyone,
I am a newbie here and was hoping for some help. I am interested in
purchasing a GNX and am looking at the two at Legandary Motorcar in Canada. Has anyone looked at either of these? Is there know history ? Anything to be afraid of with either of these two. Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Bill
What are they priced at and what is the mileage? What documentation comes with either of them? Jacket? Check the registry b4 u buy anything. There are some really good clones out there. There are many things to look for. Do a search.
They are priced at 82,500 or reasonable offer. 425 comes with original window stickers the book and the jacket. 190 does not. 190 has 3500 miles and 425 has 4800 miles. The registry doesn't list mileage or state of ownership on these cars so I don't get much info from looking at that. Thanks, Bill
Here are some pictures . When I sold it in 1996 it had 1800 miles. 15 years later I got it back with about 4800 miles. Thrilled to have her back!!!


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I remember seeing an episode of 'Dreamcar Garage' where a GNX was featured. Do you happen to know which number that one was?

That is awesome...the car and the background story. I am sure many of us have "that car that we shouldn't have let get away." You, however, were able to get that one back. Congrats! What a beautiful car.
I swear theres something about watching your car back out of a delivery trailer. Back when my NSX was delivered from Cali, watching it back off that trailer made me completely numb with excitment. That GNX pic backing off looks just awesome. Maybe I'm just weird.:cool:
Great story and even a greater looking car congrats and this time dont let it go . Soon Il get my hands on one best of luck awesome car 87gn joe
Gnx #425...

Congratulations Bill on your purchase of GNX #425. You certainly have aquired a excellent GNX with a well documented history. I live about 20 miles from Legendary and was there when #425 and #190 rolled in from the previous owner in CT, in my humble opinion and after looking the two over you certainly aquired the nicer example of the two. Don't get me wrong #190 is a very beautifull car as well just not as 'crisp' and detailed as #425 that you just purchased and to my understanding there is little or any documentation that comes with #190 but non the less it is still the real deal - a Buick GNX!

Bill, I am not sure if you are aware of this or have seen the DVD, but your Buick GNX #425 was the 'star' of about a 45 minute DVD that was done by Buick Guru Dennis Kirban of Kirban Peformance and filmed by his son Darryll Kirban in September of 2006. The DVD shows in depth #425 (your car) and some of the things to look for when purchasing a GNX and reviews briefly some of the documentation that came with #425 and it's history. It's a great DVD and available for purchase from and I believe is part #7086 'Detailing an original GNX and related memrobilia' for $6.95 on his website. This is a must have if you have not seen it yet on your car.

Again congratulations on a real nice one and keeper and great story that you owned it once before! :biggrin:

Thanks for the heads up Jason, I ordered the dvd first thing this morning. The car is almost identical in condition to when I sold it 15 yrs ago other then a few minor paint chips that I brush touched . The power antenna is still not working all the time and I am going to have to address it this time. The owners that followed me kept every piece of documentation of there ownership as well as all the documentation I had received from the original owner. The cars has mounds of original paperwork including original window sticker, book, jacket, plastic that was on seats and floor, key fobs,
adendum sticker from the selling dealer, the original sales and finance contract , ins cards, title , Molly letters , GNX owner letters, recall letters, dealership correspondence, owners manual, gnx supplement, ect, ect ect...... I sold the car when my second daughter was born, ( I now have 4 great kids) in 96 when I panicked about the added expense of a second child.
I kicked myself for years and knew that somehow I would get it back someday. For the last 5 years I have been throwing GNX 425 up on google just to make sure it didn't pop up somewhere without me knowing about it.
Well all of the sudden one of my google searches payed off as 425 popped up for sale at legendary motorcar, a company about 2 hrs away that I have done busioness with in the past. 72 hours later I was back in the seat of 425 taking it for a test spin trying very hard to not let the guys there in on how excited I was. An hour or two of negotiating and the deal was done!!


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Congrats on getting your old X back. How did that work out financially? Did you sell at a good price when you got rid of it? Just curious.:)
Interesting story about your power antenna...

Bill, glad to hear that you have the DVD comming from Kirban Performance featuring your Buick GNX #425... you will really enjoy it. You mentioned in your last posting that the power antenna wasn't working on #425 which I am sort of suprised as it's actually not that old if memory serves correct. As the story was told to me from my good friend Dennis Kirban, he aquired #425 in the summer of 2006 from one of the previous owners in Ohio that owned it since 1998 when he did a trade with another Buick Turbo Regal and cash to the previous owner of #425. The car was as documented with the 'stacks' several inches thick of the neat documentaton right down to the original Eckonhoff Buick paper floor mats from the original dealer in New Jersey. When Dennis Kirban picked up the car the power antenna was not working and being in Ohio (Dennis lives in North East PA) he brought it to his very good friend Pete Serio 'aka the Window Rattle Guy' who lives in Columbus, Ohio, knowing that if anyone could do a power antenna on a GNX it would be Pete Serio. Pete Serio now 'retired' from doing Buick window adjustments originally worked at Len Imke Buick in Columbus which ironically still has a GNX in the showroom with I believe about 600 original miles on it and Pete was the Buick Turbo Regal trim, seal, window adjustment and yes, power antenna expert. When Dennis brought GNX #425 over to Pete's house with the non operating power antenna, Dennis had a NOS - New Old Stock (no reproduction) antenna to replace it with. Pete Serio replaced the antenna with the NOS one in his driveway (no garage) and it was quite cold, well yes, you guessed it... after quite a long number of hours (out in the cold) of being very careful and getting everything back together, the 'new' NOS power antenna would not go up! They didn't test it before they installed it! :mad: I was told you could hear Pete's cursing several blocks over. Luckily Dennis had another reproduction power antenna that he sells and they of course tested that one and after many more hours removed the now defective NOS one and installed a new reproduction antenna which at the time worked perfectly. So the antenna in your car is only about 4 years old and my guess has not been up and down that much considering the few miles that have been placed on the car since Dennis owned it.

Bill, I would suggest gently using some fine sewing machine oil (as recommended in the 1987 Buick Owners Manual) and let it 'soak' in on the mast a little bit assuming you can retract it and see if it will free it up a bit before jumping in and replaceing it. Just be careful that if it does go up but won't go back down that the motor doesn't keep running, which quite often it will if it's on it's way out as it won't stop till the motor burns out or the battery dies or the antenna itself is unplugged. If it does need replaceing, take your time and do it very carefully as it's a BIG job on a GNX. Pete Serio actually wrote a small book on how to replace the power antenna on a Buick Turbo Regal which I think Dennis Kirban sells as well. NOS power antenna's appear from time to time on this forum or E-bay and there are also reproductions available from Dennis Kirban and Glen at Highway Stars Buick Grand National Parts Home Page in IL. Just note there are a few small differences on some of the reproduction antennas such as the tip of the mast and the way the mounting bracket attaches on the main lower shaft other then that they operate identical. I still would try and find a NOS one if you can as I am sure they are out there. Another possible solution depending on where you are located and how far you are from North East PA is to bring it to Dennis' sons' shop Darryll Kirban - who for me personally would be the only person I would trust to do the job. Hope this helps.

Jason Maxfield

I remember seeing an episode of 'Dreamcar Garage' where a GNX was featured. Do you happen to know which number that one was?


The Dreamcar Garage car was 321 before it went to a dealer in FL in March 2007. BTW the power antenna didn't work on that one, either! :)