GNX Dash Number(s)


Feb 25, 2006
In surfing eBay yesterday, I found a listing for "1987-BUICK-GNX-GRAND-NATIONAL-DASH-EMBLEM-NUMBERED-1986-T-TYPE-grand-national3-8".... These are listed as "used" " New old Stock aftermarket GNX numbered dash emblem from the 90's. Exact in every way as the original GNX emblems...". I am aware that ASC made one or two duplicates but am also aware that aftermarket copies were also made (10-099 and in the 400's-500's). This listing is for numbers all over. He is asking $75 which I think is what I paid in the early 90's for #279 from Dennis Kirban which he obtained from the gentleman at ASC who painted them (see ).

Do you feel these are the ASC dash numbers or a repro? If they are repros, what do you feel about someone doing this? Frankly, I appreciate someone wanting to make a clone but I was advised by one of the TB monitors that he saw my number on a clone. If it was clearly marked as a clone or folks were knowledgeable how to differentiate an original from a clone, then there would be no confusion. But that may not be the case.
As they say, this is my 2 cents.

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Details about 1987 BUICK GNX GRAND NATIONAL DASH EMBLEM NUMBERED 1986 T-TYPE grand national3.8
Anything GNX related especially when it comes to parts, I always ask @X Ray his opinion on things. He's the best resource on here for this stuff.
Well it says right here aftermarket.

New old Stock aftermarket GNX numbered dash emblem from the 90's.
I'd say they are repop's.
They are aftermarket and don't look anything like the originals.

ASC made one extra number for each car and Dennis made a run of numbers several years ago.