"GNX" Wheels

vader t

Does anyone know where you can find new GNX or look alike wheels?? Classic industries can't help me, i've been on a "waiting" list for over a year. Anyone?
GNX Wheels

I purchased my gnx wheels 2 years ago from classic industries. They do not carry the wheels any longer. The sales lady said to me that i was very fortunate to buy brand new wheels because they were no longer available. I was one of the luck gn owners to receive the few last batches available.
They are really beautiful on the car. Try kirbans. They may be able to help!!

Thanks! Hopefully we see them soon. You would think with the demand for those wheels just on this board someone would manufacture some?
Your out of luck on this one. I too have been waiting for over a year in hopes that Classic Industries would have their tooling problem fixed and they never did.

You can still get the rears just not the fronts, so you could run 4 rears and use spacers however, you wouldn't have the deep lip the front rim offers.

Try the F-body boards and try to catch someone selling theirs.
g-body parts??/

I see their custom production wheels!!!!!! But I don't see GNX after market wheels on there site at all. Maybe i am missing something here>>>>
I got mine on Ebay. Keep looking and you will find some for about $300 for 4 fronts. You might have to buy 2 at a time like I did. Good Luck. F body boards was also a good suggestion.
1QUICK85 just listed a set of GTA wheels for $400 . Black centers with so so clear coat and a set of colored power 6 logo center overlays.

There ya go ;)
Gnx wheels

Right now were just modifying GTA front & rears.I hope to get some pics up shortlly.

New GNX wheels being manufactured would be.....:eek: $$
but we can still purchase some from you right? cuz thatys good enough for me, i dont care what kind they are as long they look like gnx rims.