Going to the track soon???


May 24, 2001
I am hopeing to get to the track AUG 4th... I have never been to the track before can anyone tell me what this involves from start to finish. What do I need, how do I get ready to race, at the tree how do I know when to can it? I have only done street racing and have very little knowledge of organized racing. Any help that will keep me from looking dumb is appreciated... THANKS
Read the link above.Good Advice.When you pull up to the tree, the two groups of yellow lights(prestaged, staged) is what to pay attention to.When the first light comes on, inch forward slowly til the staged light comes on.You do not want to get "too deep" in staging.Reason being, it is easier to red light the deeper you are.Once both cars are staged and the tree begins to countdown, leave when the last yellow light comes on.Also, do not let up until you have completely passed through the traps(yes, if you are bracket racing, the guy in front lets up so not to break out during eliminations) or it will cost you et.Have fun!:D
1BADT, hey did you make it to the track? How did you do?