Going with a external F/P


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Oct 4, 2006
What should I get for a external F/P? My car was already setup with 2 external Bosch 15amp F/P's when I got it, the second pump was hooked to a hobbs switch. Long story short I am only running 1 pump now cause the wiring for the second shorted out and melted the wiring for that secondary system.
Take a look at Barry Grant.

Im running a King Sumo, and I am very happy with the performance and how quiet it runs. I had the Bosch pump on before which I thought was too loud, and I also had a Weldon on the car for a while which sounded like I had a jet engine under the car. U will however have to mount the pump at or below the tank level, it is a must which may be an issue if U cant fab up some brackets. One more thing if ur lookin at the King Sumo, make sure U have the new design pump, because the first design was recalled for upgrades. Mine works flawless and supposedly, this pump can support 2,000hp. Just make sure ur return line is at least a -6 or 3/8".
Aeromotive A1000 here. Love it, no problems. It could pump a pool out in 30 seconds!
I'll be going with the Weldon 2015. Yeah they can be loud but it's not like my car has any secrets on it anyway...I kind of like scaring people with my setups :D