Gold GTA rims


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Sep 21, 2001
Gold GTA rims off of my 89GTA. Same as the TTA rims(duh)

Overall they're in good condition, just need to be cleaned up(which I can do). One has some minor curb rash on it if I remember correctly.

Comes with black WS6 center caps. No lugs or black lug covers. They have tires on them but they're absoluately shot.

Cannot ship right now unfortunately. I have a few pics of them.

$375 B/O
I could use 2 gold fronts

If they dont sell and you deside to split them let me know ..I have gold ones on my elcamino and could use a extra set for drag radials :)
I have someone that already wants just the fronts...I want to keep them together at this point. I have no use for the rims as it is, being stuck with 2 rear rims would make it even worse.