Good morning,'s FRIDAY

A SUPER favorite from 1974......... Happy Friday, all!

The summer before my FRESHMAN YEAR in High School!

Damn, I'm gettin' old!

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The Super Group, Big People. Ben Orr, Derek St Holmes, Pat Travers, Liberty Devito and Jeff Carlisi. Just a shitload of talent on one stage.

Fukn right it's Friday! Put your hands together for another Supergroup! ASIA!!!!

RIP John Wetton. I was fortunate to see these guys at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto at the waterfront.

Arguably the best guitarist of all time, the best blues band of all time and the best guitar save of all time. Stevie being the consummate professional, watch him eye his guitar tech to do the handoff when there's a lull in the song...and doesn't miss a note. I was fortunate enuf to see SRV twice. Once at MLG and at Canadas Wonderland. Here they are...Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble with Reese Wynans on keyboards!!! Sadly, this is from SRV's final show on Austin City Limits.

And now they are right back in charge of the region. Fuck Biden!

It's just all so sad, our country has really taken a beating and too many have endured the pain on a personal level including the poor voices in the video to our military members who've had to follow misguided orders. I'm old enough to remember some optimism, decorum and excitement of life's possibilities among our communities, not so much these days & am not sure how or when that will ever come back, we really need to stop digging.
Loyal, Average Americans have been fucked strait in the heart by EVERY president since AND including Clinton.

And Congress or the Senate? Don't even bother to say shit.

Worthless "What's in it for me?" motherfuckers.

They will sell this country out in a heartbeat, as long as they benefit. INCLUDING JOE! He's already experienced it. Just look at his crying record on his DEAD son, and then his record on that POS, Hunter.

Tell me different.
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What they've done, is in the past. All we can do, is deal with the fallout.
The real issue is, the hundreds of 1000's of those vermin being allowed into this country.
Anyone that's either too naïve, or in most cases too stupid, to think the so called "vetting process" this moron is supposedly doing, is efficient, needs mental care, and a rubber room.
One look at the military age men, on those evac flights, should be warning enough, as to what to expect.
How anyone could be so stupid, is beyond comprehension.
To begin with, 90% of those men should have never been allowed to take the space, that a real American should have been in.
Watch where he dumps them. It'll be red states, so he can "redistrict" the congressional seats, into demorats control. Remember, the lines aren't drawn by the number of registered voters, it's by the census count.
The census bureau harped on "counting every person", as the fair way to determine the real population.
Add in a few million scum from the south border, and the situation will be totally, and permanently, out of control.
Watch for it..........