Good morning,'s FRIDAY

How did Friday so callously come & go?

And how did these dudes ever lay down such a dope beat?

Your eyes don't deceive you...that's Donald Duck Dunn on bass.

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You won't find more talent on one stage. That's Streve Crawford on lead, Donald Duck Dunn on bass and Matt Guitar Murphy on rhythm. The rest are the Blues Brothers Band...and watch Dan Akroyd dance and play harmonica.

Blue Oyster Cult. Saw the boys at Massey Hall on Shuter Street in Toronto back in the 90's. Love Bucks swiss cheese guitar.

The little man with the big voice...MR Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath. I saw Ronnie fronting Black Sabbath and his own Band, Dio. RIP RJD

P.S. They had to call themselves Heaven and Hell cuz Ozzie took a shit with them using the name Black Sabbath. My personal opinion is Sharon Osbourne caused a lot of shit behind the scenes, like she did with Jake E Lee, Ozzies lead guitarist.