Good morning,'s FRIDAY

This is the original Queensryche with Geoff Tate on vocals. Geoff is the best rock singer of all time. His parents were both opera singers and he was well trained. There's Geoff...and there's everyone else. Seen these guys twice and they're one of the tighest bands I've ever heard and I've heard a few. Crank it up and enjoy! P.S. Degarmo was the original lead guitarist and song writer and left the band before this. This guy looks like he's struggling, but is right on the money.

Here's the original band members with Degarmo on lead guitar and backing vocals. Listen to the notes Geoff hits. Dayum!!

Dang Guy, just because you were be-boppin' around when this first came out doesn't mean that it counts as new music. :rolleyes:

Of course, when you look at the fact that a couple of Scoob's songs are darn near a half a century old. Maybe the Andrew Sisters were pretty cool after all. ;)