Good morning,'s FRIDAY

You won't find more talent on one stage. That's Streve Crawford on lead, Donald Duck Dunn on bass and Matt Guitar Murphy on rhythm. The rest are the Blues Brothers Band...and watch Dan Akroyd dance and play harmonica.

Most of the Blues Bros Band = Tower of Power.

Talented bunch of guys.

I saw them live in Las Vegas 3 times back in the late 80's.
I saw BOC, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple all together at a minor league baseball stadium in Phoenix in '82.

BOC got chased off stage by a monsoon storm and came back 6 months later and played in an arena. if you had a ticket stub to the first concert, you got in free. April Wine was the lead off band at that one.

I saw SRV and Lonnie Mack together in a 750 seat club called Dooley's in Tempe AZ in '85 while they were on Lonnie's "Strike Like Lightning" tour. WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!!
Have a good weekend evrybuddy n GO RED SOX!

The Arc Angels. Pay attention to the drummer and bassist. That's right. Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon...none other than Double Trouble:

Here's one from the vault. KWS doing a cover of Voodoo Chile. Look closely...yeah that's's Chris half of Double Trouble on the drum kit!

Kenny started playing in the bars when he was 14. I really wish he would cover more of Jimi's stuff as he has the God given skill. Watch the drummer. That's Chris Layton, one half of Double Trouble from SRV's band. I really wish Tommy Shannon would get the itch to get up on stage again with Chris. That bassist is either board or fucked out of his head on drugs. Note the two horn players. Prior to his death SRV was talking about adding one or more horns. I always thot it would be cool if KWS would ask Tommy Shannon and Reese Wynans to join the band.

Gonna go see these guys tonight at the same venue..... :)

Parkin' the Buick right in front of the door per the Manager and the Owner's request!

$10 cover charge, I can't go wrong!

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