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Im new to all this turbo buick stuff, but i am currently looking to buy one. Well some guy in town is selling an 84 ttype with 150000 miles he has a couple of bolt ons, but other than that its basically stock. He says it needs a new turbo and thats the only problem mechanically. the body and interior are in pretty good shape, i was just wondering if $3000 is too much to pay for the car. if it is then how much should i offer?
If it is other than the turbo it is in great shape mechanically and cosmetically, I'd take it and run! You can get a heavy duty TA-33 turbo for $850 from Postens, or you can get a stock turbo for less or even a used turbo. So even with a high performance turbo you're still only looking at about $3,850 for the car. I paid $3,800 for my '84 more than a year ago and it was a steal for me. Had 100K on it and the guy couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. It just needed a $60 coil and then I was very happy with it. 150K miles isn't really bad if it hasn't been run to the extreme alot. If it's in great shape, it's worth it in my opinion. And then of course you can always try to haggle a price just for grins, but if he wont budge don't sweat it. Still a fair deal. I've realized not to rely on blue book value for these cars, as they commonly go for well over the BB price. If you want to find the exact value go to and look it up. Look for "Private-Party Value" and follow the instructions.
Holy Sheep Dumplins Batman!!!

My 84GN is worth twice what I paid according to that:D
Well, if I can ever get it running again.... Good thing I probably have all the parts I'll need to get her goin again ;)
praise it brother, mines been not running for 1.6 years now ;0

Dave says him and mike will put my motor in saturday.. sigh, i am a bit skeptical though..

my 84 GN cost me $4,000 and it needed a new engine basically, which i found out several months later, .. hah

so a website, 2 motors, 1 year (at daves shop) and $1000 later, am I lucky enough to have the damn thing running yet?
Well, I've had my 84GN since October(or somewhere right around it about two weeks before Reynolds I think). It's been great for the most part(made me decide to get my second hotair right after...although things haven't quite gone the way I thought they would with it), that is, until it stopped running. I've had worse though. My 86T-Type hasn't had an engine in it for over a year and in the past 2 1/2, I've driven it about 3weeks....over the coarse of two going for number 3 :eek: Should be rady to drop in about a month. Got the suspension done and some new parts to replace the old stuff I sold and traded away coming in. Just a few more things and its' time to have some fun again. But I'd really like to get the 84 running before then...I don't know if I can go a month without a TR...well, actually, I'm not. I'm getting yet another next week sometime and possibly another about two weeks after that if I don't decide to get these three ponchos I've got a deal worked on.... So hang in ther man! You're not alone in your experience of having to wait a ridiculous amount of time to get your car running. Hell, I'm willing to bet there's at least 20 other people on the board that have not had their cars in a driveable state for longer than us. I talked with one guy that's had his 87GN at the bodyshop for about 3 years...and he's still getting together parts. Granted, it's gonna be nearly perfect when he gets it back, but 3 years is a bit excessive.
good god 3 years is a long time.. and this is probably the most posts ive made in 3

well today's the day, and if dave dont get mike and get wrenchin, hell will be breakin loose.