Good show coming up.

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Might be a place to hang out for the day with the Buicks. I actually took a trophy here last year against all the street rods.

April 26, Berlin. 18th Show And Swap, Berlin Fairgrounds, 410 Beckly Road, Rain Or Shine, 7AM-3PM, Follow Signs, Show Cars, All Years Welcome, Participants $10 Per Car, Includes 2 Adults, Kids Free, Dash Plaques, Top 30 Awards, Special Awards, Great Food, Food Pantry Donations Are Welcome, This Is A Benefit Show For Stephen Provost (, Spectators Still $5 Each, Military No Charge, Best Spring Show In CT, 1st Swap Meet Early Saturday Vendor Set-Up, Space 10'x20' $30, Includes 2 Adults Per Spot, Safe, Fenced, Well Lit, Policed! Clean Out Your Garage, Make Money From Your Old Stuff, For Sale Car Corral $20 Each, Special Parking, Dealers Welcome, Info: (860) 670-8532 LJ
We have to meet up so we can park together! Last year attendance was a bit off as the weather was threatening but turned out to be a nice day.
Might try to make an appearence. Gonna order some rims next week so maybe I can get them in time. Not sure yet.
So I guess you bought the T?? What rims are you getting???

Yea, gonna pic it up Sunday with Otto. Called Jegs today on Billet Specialty rims and they are in stock and said it takes only a couple days to ship out. Already have a set of 275/60-15 so that's the plan for now.
Yea, gonna pic it up Sunday with Otto. Called Jegs today on Billet Specialty rims and they are in stock and said it takes only a couple days to ship out. Already have a set of 275/60-15 so that's the plan for now.

I may go but I'm bringing the Hemi Challenger. Still waiting for my upgraded turbo to come back.

I have the Billet Specialty rims on my car. Watch for the center cap interference on the front rotors. I had to carefully dent the dust cap and machine the snout of the rotor to get the center cap as far away from the dust cap as possible.
Allan G.

I will join you guys. I probably will bring my TTA and have my wife drive the GN. Where can we meet up? Somewhere on the Berlin Turnpike? I will see if my buddy wants to bring his Gn and TTA also.
Somewhere on the Pike would probably be best. Another choice might be this little store right on the road that leads to the fairgrounds. If it looks like a nice day I suggest we get there fairly early, like around 9 or so. Last year weather was iffy and not a great turnout, around 300 cars, past years they packed the place when it was nice.
I would say meet at that restaurant parking lot I google mapped above at 8AM sharp. Drive into the show right down the street at 8:30AM. Like I said, turnout was low last year due to threatening weather but I have been there when it was nice and the place was PACKED, want to try and get a good parking spot preferably on pavement near one of the buildings.

One good thing about this show is NO cutoff date. Lots of nice cars, laid back atmosphere, almost a mini nationals type show.
Not going to make it
I come back late Sat nite from Shanghai, China
12 hours out of sink so Zombie
Good news were selling into China not the other way around:)
I'm definetly there if the weather holds. Bringing the Hemi Challenger though. Waiting for the new Y2K-88 and installing a new gen HP HP gate on the Buick. Not sure what time I'm going to to show up. I will also bring my junk to the pike and saturday night to burger king.
Allan G.
Weather looks good, will be at that parking lot at around 8AM and heading in from there shortly thereafter. Going to meet a friend there who has a street rod and he is not one for hanging around long so if you want to park together be there at 8 or I will see you inside the show.

We try to park at the first row of buildings once you get in the show, (pavement and some shade nearby) Doesn't look like much interest here for this deal.:confused:
Was on 91 from North Haven up to Meriden, RT15 the rest of the way. Was behind black Camaro for a bit. First got on 91 and he came up alongside me and showed him the back end of the Buick and then pretty much followed the speed limit after that, well a little above the limit, he eventually caught up to me and went ahead. This was going northbound going to the show. Only saw two other TR's there. Where was everyone???? I ended up leaving around 1.