Goodbye CA Speedway

We had a scare at NED last year but the stockholders held fast and did not sell. Got all new management. People are liking the new style and I see plenty of upside for the track now that good people are running it.
So now all we have is vegas n bakersfeild for a 1/4mile? For those in socal
Factor in a 5-6 hour drive if you plan to do any 1/4 mile racing. There is still an 1/8th mile track at Barona. It's a fun place to race but due to the altitude and the fact it gets hot as balls in the summertime not year round. I'm not sure what the current status of Irwindale is, they always seem to walking on egg shells.

I was out at Bakersfield a few weeks ago. That track is still far from any civilization. That should keep it around for quite a while.
I hope...

Pomona has a great track. They run top fuel at the Winter Nats and World Finals there every year.
Unfortunately, street cars are too loud and are no longer allowed to run there. Not sure how that works.
The last/final NHRA AZ Nationals is happening today and tomorrow at Wild Horse Pass (previously Firebird Raceway) in the Phoenix area.

Now, all we will have is Tucson, 2 hours away. Nice track, but......

For the life of me, I can't figure out why Phoenix Raceway, the NASCAR track, doesn't build a strip. They have plenty of room and the zoning/noise ordinances would allow it.
fontana / calif speedway is a super fund clean up site, the old kaiser steel plant,
and no residential is ever supposed to be built there, due to contamination.
but money talks,
Sorry to hear that, we're about to lose Bandimere Speedway here in Colorado in a few months...Oh well back to street racing