Got 15x3.5's need help with tire recomendatiom.


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I want @ least a 27" tall tire for these wheels.. Do they make a radial tire narrow an tall enough that will work on these wheels.. All the race tires look like slicks!! I see some guys run a 165/r15 is this like a VW bug tire??
I used to run the VW 165 R15 tire on my car along time ago. My observations is that it was too small and coulnt hold the load.

I then went with a 215 -70 R15 on a 15x4 in wheel. It was bulged out some what but looked good & skinny and was about 27.5 in tall. This tire went low 10s regualrly and was the subject of some nasty launches.

If i had to do it again I would run a 205-70 R15 instead.

My buddy found a regular Nitto street radial in a 195-65 15 that looked real good in a 15x3.5 rim


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Mickey Thompson just came out with a Radial to replace the old sportsman pro.

They come in a 24x5 ($130 Each Shipped) and a 26x6 ($145 Each Shipped)

Let me know if you want a set I can get them out to you!